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Travel Insurance provides a range of benefits to ensure that if things do go wrong you are protected - from the simple replacement of lost luggage items to trip cancellation expenses or the potentially huge cost of overseas medical treatment. 

Travel Guard™ is a worldwide team of highly skilled doctors and medical professionals who are available by telephone 24 hours a day for advice and assistance in the event of a medical emergency and any associated problems for travellers outside Australia.

In the event of an emergency whilst You are outside Australia, Travel Guard™ is only a telephone call away anywhere in the world.

Travel Guard™ is available to assist You every hour of every day as part of Your cover. We will assess Your situation and guide You through the process to solve it. Depending on Your specific needs, we can:

• provide pre-trip advice such as what vaccinations are required and the local medical conditions at Your destination.
• help You in the event of lost luggage, travel documents or credit cards by putting You in touch with the nearest embassy or other
• when medical care is needed, direct You to suitable medical facilities, monitor Your condition and treatment as well as keeping Your family and friends at home informed
• authorise and guarantee payment of hospital and medical costs
• decide if and when evacuation or repatriation is required and coordinate all facets
• provide help to re-schedule travel plans when Your Trip is interrupted by an emergency

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*** Please note that we are currently unable to arrange cover for COVID related losses for Private/Leisure travel.