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Home and Landlord Insurance

We offer a range of product solutions to provide you peace of mind that your assets are well protected:

  • whether you own a house
  • home unit
  • villa
  • shop
  • factory
  • office block
  • or any type of building.

All Landlord’s Insurance policies cover the building and / or contents when selected by the policy holder, for claims such as fire, storm damage, explosion, lightning damage, malicious damage (by someone other than the tenant) or damage caused by vehicle impacts.

All policies also cover the Landlord’s public liability to other parties, due to any injury they may incur at the Landlord’s property.

Some also cover damage caused by tenants, flood, and other extra benefits. Others can be extended to cover other forms of accidental damage or loss.

Good policies will also cover rent you lose because the property is damaged and can’t be rented out.

The best policies also cover rent you lose because the tenant defaults on their rent payments or leaves without due notice. 

All Landlords’ Insurance policies are not the same so making a choice on price alone – could cost you far more if a claim occurs. 

Action Insurance Brokers has more than 20 years’ experience in advising our clients on the best covers as suitable to their needs.

Importantly, our Team is here to look after your best interests in the event of a claim – we offer total claims management from lodgement to settlement.

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