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How you can help with the bushfire recovery process

15 January 2020

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How you can help with the bushfire recovery process

Our hearts go out to all the communities that have suffered and continue to suffer from the bushfire crisis that has been going on since early September. In particular, we pause to think about the tragic loss of life and those who have lost property and businesses. They remain constantly in our prayers.

Whilst fires continue to burn in many areas, large parts of the communities are now starting their recovery phase and the federal government and various state governments have all promised significant funds to help the recovery process.

Aside from the mental health and anguish that these fires caused, the Property recovery process will be long and expensive. Whilst insurance losses are currently estimated in excess of $1 billion, we believe this will more than double over the next couple of months. In addition, there will be at least as much property damage that is uninsured that still needs to be rebuilt or repaired as well.

However money alone won’t help these communities. They need “boots on the ground” and this is where the clients of Action Insurance Brokers may be able to help. For any of you who are involved in building or construction, civil engineering, land clearing or any of the trades that work within these fields, you can register to offer to provide work in these bushfire affected areas.

The Insurance Council of Australia has a disaster recovery database for all trades who are interested in providing business services. This register is not necessarily for volunteers but is for businesses who can help with the rebuilding process and charge for their services. Follow the link below if you are interested in registering your business: -

Governments, insurers and all relevant stakeholders have access to this database and can locate you and seek your assistance in the rebuilding process.

Action Insurance Brokers will continue to provide whatever support it can to affected parties and we support this initiative from the Insurance Council of Australia.